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Hello Nabs, 

I didn’t have the time to write a proper goodbye message to you because I did everything a few hours before you guys arrived at my house. I just arrived in LA two hours ago. I will waste no time in composing a message to you first because you are my #1 best friend (in the Female category at least!) and my iPad battery is running out.

I just wanted to let you know that I am not in any way pissed off or whatever at you. I have been very busy lately and the feeling of finally leaving is very overwhelming (even stressing) as I have to leave my comfort zone here. I can’t think too much at a time. (In fact I believe why I didn’t study for SPM was because I spent too much time daydreaming about USA). When I arrived in LAX it was a little depressing (besides the gloomy foggy weather) because everyone else has their friends and family menyambut kedatangan diorang. I wish you were there with the gang, calling my name and holding a signboard with my name on it. :'(

Please don’t take it any other way. If I hurt you, I’m sorry, I did not mean to and did not intend to. I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and it’s okay. Never did anything change of what I think of you; as my best friend. I know you were very busy.. very very busy. And that’s not my fault or yours – that’s life. We cannot do anything about it. But I felt so touched when that one time, you replied my message after about a week or so because you wanted to find a time that you were truly free to reply to me. Deep down I care very much about each and every one of you and I was very happy that you guys were able to send me off. I know that you have a tendency to take things to the heart so I felt the need to write this to explain to you. So we cool, ok? :)

Also I want send you the highest, setinggi-tinggi punya regards and thanks for organizing my farewell party. And for sending me off. And also for the scrapbook – it really means a lot to me. I really love it and I have read it through twice during the flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. It brought tears to my eyes and the old man sitting next to me asked me wether I’m okay in his very basic English (he joined the flight from Taipei). You may be small but you definitely think highly of your friends and the most hardworking ever. Thanks for making my transition into another life much easier, knowing that my friends back home are always there for me. 

Just remember – I never hated you, or gave you the cold shoulder, even if it seems like it. Trust me, when you’re about to leave, you’ll feel the same way too.. your mind WILL be in a total klutzeroo. Now I know how Rezman feels when he went to Vietnam. Moving away sucks, no matter how much you want it or how much you need it! You have no idea how guilty I feel for being the most unresponsive fuck ever but I hope you will understand that deep down inside I love all of you guys and I have enjoyed my time there with all of you. 

All in all, I love you a lot, Siti Nabilah! (Feels weird calling you that but it’s cute LOL). And thanks for everything, the good times we’ve had, everything. Hopefully you didn’t get the wrong message. :)

I promised that I’d keep in touch with you. This is a start. Here’s to a good life and success in our tertiary education. Cheers! *raises imaginary wine glass*

Sekian terima kasih,

Afiq bin Ahmad Feisal


Dear Fiq,

Awwww, you’re forgiven buddy! :’) You were forgiven way before you wrote this message anyway. I see, I guess I won’t really know how it feels to leave everything behind until I myself am leaving, right? But I understand. It must really suck. We’re all here for you buddy. 🙂 But I felt so much more broken than I already am with the way you treated me yesterday. Butttt, Rez was the one who told me otherwise, that you wanted to act like you didn’t give a fuck to see if everyone really appreciated you and all that. That really hurt me though. DON’T BLAME ME FOR BEING EMOTIONAL, REZ WAS THE ONE WHO PUT THAT MINDSET IN MY MIND! D: But anywho, did you like, read my blogpost or something? Cuz I’m sure there are stuff that I mentioned in the previous post that I didn’t in the scrapbook. However, I’m glad the scrapbook made you cry. 🙂  I wanted to make sure you could feel the love. It’s unfortunate that not everybody could contribute in making the scrapbook because they were all busy and some were just plain oblivious about it (Hazim) so my part was partiallly on everyone else’s behalf.

I’m relieved to know that you arrived there safely. I’m sure you’ll do just fine there but if ever when you fall down and you need someone to get back up, I’m always here. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be free for the rest of the year or anything, you know how I am. I’m always busy, that’s the life of a career woman after all. :/ I pray for your success and for you to be able to cope with the lifestyle there but not forgetting about your origins. And remember, always keep in touch and update me! Knowing that you’re doing fine over there will relieve me and I won’t have to worry so much. LOL.

Anywho, once again, I’m sorry if you thought I was being a douche and for thinking that you were being a douche. How can I forget, you’re my best friend, you’ll never have any intention of hurting me, just as I never meant to hurt you too. So yeah, we cool bro. 🙂 Those times we shared were priceless. If only we could’ve spent more time before you left. Never mind, next time you come back here, we’re camping! Hehe.. And sorry for the previous post. Rez was the one who told me you were treating me like shit to get back at me! And, honestly, that’s how I felt. I was already so broken and you hurt me even more with the way you treated me. But I understand now, so it’s okay. I did cry though. You’re an ass, but I still love you. :p And I miss you so much goddammit! 😡


Lots of love,

Siti Nabilah binti Ahmad Muzaffar.


I can’t believe it. You’re doing this to me just when you’re leaving. Some friend you are. 😡 Okay, just because I unconsciously ignored you after your confession and you feel hurt, you need to understand that I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose, I just didn’t know what to do with us and I didn’t know how to face this. And also I was busy as per usual. I understand that the cruelty and the cold-shoulder is just to get back at me, but you can’t blame me for being busy. That’s just in my nature, I thought everyone knew that. And I was the one who still planned your farewell party, exclude the fact that I came empty-handed, even when I had practices EVERYDAY. I. GO. TO. MY. FUCKING. COLLEGE. EVERYDAY. AT. 9AM. AND I ONLY COME HOME AT 12AM. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING TIRING THAT IS? OBVIOUSLY NOT.

Okay okay, I don’t want to be complaining about my hectic schedule right now. It’s something nobody will ever understand. Yeah sure thanks a lot man, for being there for me all this while and everything, but when I’m in my most broken and vulnerable state only you decide to be cruel to me just so that I can get a taste of my own medicine. I admit I deserve it, and I’m truly, sincerely sorry for treating you that way before. It wouldn’t have fucking hurt if I wasn’t already hurt, mind you. My wall is gone, thus I’m more sensitive and vulnerable now. So why now when my heart has no protections against anything? Because karma bites back twice as hard.

You do know that one of the reasons I started praying was because of you, right? And when I do pray, I mention you in my prayers. Because you were leaving for the States and I wanted to ask Allah to watch over you and make sure you don’t stray away from the right direction because I’m not gonna be there for you 24/7 to watch your back. I knew I lost you. No wonder you’re so distant from me these days. YOU’RE THE ONE IGNORING ME, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. I can’t believe that all the times we had, the ups and the downs we shared are all just a distant memory now. It’s like we can’t even communicate anymore. What ever happened to my “twin”, my brother-from-another-mother, my best friend?

We were good the way we were before. Why change? You confessing and me not being able to connect with my feelings doesn’t mean we can’t still be the best of friends. I think we all know that I’ve always had this wall around myself to protect my heart from any heartbreak. Of course, I knew one day I would get my heart broken, but I thought I’d be able to get back on my feet before I know it. But that’s not what got down, was it? One of the reasons why I wasn’t even sure if I had feelings for you was because of that wall, you know. But now that my wall has been brought down, and I’m finally synched with my feelings, I know that I don’t have feelings for you. Because I can only see you as my best friend, my brother, nothing more. You know that, right? After Helmi brought down my wall and hurt me, I was hoping that you’d be there for me because I couldn’t get Rez. But instead you went and hurt me even more. Thanks a lot, friend.

I don’t think you know how much I really appreciate you as a friend. You’re a great friend, you’re a true friend, but sometimes when your feelings get in the way you tend to act the opposite of all that. I understand that you’re hurt and frustrated, I sincerely apologize for that. I’m really sorry for not showing you how much you mean to me, and for not being able to spend the remaining of your time here with you like I promised to earlier this year. I got myself a job, something I was forced to do, and then I started college, which I was forced too as well, but you can’t blame me for making myself even busier by joining performing arts club and MKM. You of all people should know better that it’s my passion, to dance and perform. Be it on stage or in my own room. So you can’t blame me for being busy. I’m just like that. I’m a career woman after all. I don’t do emotions.

So anyway, moving onto what you did to me today that really really hurt me. I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT TRYING MY BEST AT DOING ARTSY FARTSY STUFF FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK AND SKETCHBOOK, AND ALL I GET IS AN “OH, THANKS”?! WELL, THANKS BUDDY, FOR TEARING MY HEART INTO TINIER LITTLE PIECES. In case you didn’t know, right after MKM I had exactly one week to study for my exam, which I obviously didn’t even when I went for group studies with my classmates. They all did study, but I was too depressed to concentrate. And then came my exams, and I screwed it, which means I FUCKING SCREWED UP THE REST OF MY LIFE. WHY? BECAUSE IF I SCREW MY PAPER, NO MORE DANCING FOR ME. You understand the meaning of PASSION, right? Then you should know how much dancing means a lot to me seeing as I can no longer cheer. Parents control my life. Meaning, I will never be the same again. It’s bad enough that I was depressed because I was heartbroken, and I risked having my passion taken away from my life, but you just had to add salt to my wounds by not giving me any reaction at all.

And throughout the day, you barely talked to me. You were glued to Hazim the whole fucking time, I barely got the chance to have a heart-to-heart talk with you. And your half-hearted hug and abrupt goodbye just made it all the more painful for me to see you leave. It’s like, you’re really happy that you’re leaving all your friends here. I mean, I know this is what you’ve been dreaming of since forever and you’re finally on your journey to achieving that dream, but you didn’t have to make it seem as if you were glad to leave us all behind. Leave ME behind. At least, you shouldn’t have done that to the guys, it was me you wanted to take revenge on, right? Why put them on the spot? Don’t do this to the others, Fiq. It’s just you and me. We all really do love you and we’ll miss you like fuck, but you didn’t have to be cold-hearted towards our affections.

Anyway, I’m really happy for you. You’re finally pursuing your dreams. I hope you cope well and I’m sure you’ll do just fine there. Just, don’t forget me, k? Don’t forget any of us, we’re all still here waiting for your return. I know it’s most highly unlikely for you to come back to Malaysia permanently because once you start your career you’ll be in US, but do pay us a visit every once in a while? I miss you, old buddy. :/ Lastly, don’t forget who you are. You’re Afiq Feisal, you’re one of the awesomes, one of the gaytards, you’re a geek, you’re an avid gamer, you’re retarded, you’re crazy, you’re everyone’s bro, you’re lame, you’re everything to me. I may not love you in that way, Fiq, but I definitely love you so fucking much. 🙂  I’ll pray for you whenever I do. In fact, when I pray, the only thing I ask for myself is to get back on my feet. I ask for your wellness and success, and for you to start praying too because me, Naj, and your mum are not there to keep reminding you to. I ask for Nadia’s happiness with her new boyfriend, and for Abigail and Steph (my friend) to have a speedy recovery. I ask for my parents’ health and wellness. I can’t even ask for my own success because I know I don’t deserve the rights to ask that much for myself.

All our friends in high school have all gone their own ways. It’s getting harder for us to have our usual outings and gatherings now because everyone else has their own schedule to follow. I’m sorry that most of us didn’t have a schedule that made way for you, Fiq. You can’t be mad at us for not making time for you, and only making time for you at the very last minute. I only had time for you now because I’m finally on my semester break. Freedom at last. But yet you still push me away. You know how devastated I am to find out that you didn’t even care? Some friend you are, Fiq. And here I was writing in your scrapbook about how much we appreciate you as a friend and all that. You can be very dense sometimes, really.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy, which I’m sure you will, the life in San Francisco. Like I said, always keep in contact or I’mma cut your balls off! Thank your mum for me, if you ever read this, for providing us the venue for your farewell and all that she’s done for us. I never got the chance to properly thank her. 🙂 Keep your chin up, big boy. Even if you don’t want to keep in contact with me, at least do with Abi and HC, because they’re the closest to me and I wanna know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to.

By the way, you made me cry. You’re the only other guy who’s ever made me cry. Okay, besides my dad, you and Helmi are the only ones who have ever made me cry. And I mean not in a good way.


Song of the day:

  1. POV by McFly
  2. Too Close For Comfort by McFly
  3. I’ll Be Okay by McFly
  4. Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  5. Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold
  6. What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts
  7. Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold
  8. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Okay, I am officially hopelessly dangerously in love with him.

Let’s just summarize the shit I did this week.

During Albert’s* farewell, Robert* and I had a talk. And that lead to Harry* concluding that we should just be friends and that I should give Rob a chance because we’ve known each other longer. And then Harry started distancing himself from me. -.- And then on Thursday when Rob and Al came to see me, Harry refused to meet them but they made their way in to meet him anyway so yeah. They met. Awkward. But Rob’s like, “shit, he looks like a nice guy,” so that means he sorta approves of Harry? Anyway, this ass of a guy named Harry kept surrendering to his own fight by saying I look happy with them, but then again, he’s stupid. Even Natalie* couldn’t tell. She’s just as blur. But my dear “daddy” saw, even if it was from a distance and it was just a short while, that I was quite unhappy with the situation I was in. Only he could see that I wasn’t very happy talking to Rob. Sigh.

Oh, and all this bouts of drama plus the untimely PMS urged me to cry, but I did my best to hold it in, at least until I was home, but then I couldn’t hold back any longer after my shitty performance for the Tarian Lilin. I mean, I only had 2 days to master it, and I still couldn’t even get the turning part down pat so yeah, it was only natural for me to cry. Of course, the PMS played a big role in this over-emotional part of me. Best part is, other people thought that I was awesome for crying because it showed that I was really putting my heart in this. Well, it is true after all. I really was putting my heart in my performances. But I screwed up everything, so all the more reason for me to just break down, right? Anywho, Harry saw me cry for the first time. And he said he liked to see me cry, not because he liked seeing me hurt, but because he liked the fact that I can be so weak and vulnerable around him and not macho and tough all the time. I know, people like it when I cry. -.-

Fast forward to MKM night, I’m so glad it’s over, but at the same time I’m upset that it is because I know I’m gonna miss MKM practices and everyone in MKM. 😦 And once again, I cried. In front of everyone. While I was on the phone with Nadia. I was telling her how I was happy that I could finally see Khalilah again, because I miss her so much and she misses me just as much, and I was telling her how much I regretted not being able to sing the birthday song. Also, other factors that contributed to the tears I shed were because Harry was with his ex. I felt like dying. Hence, the reason why I suddenly feel so awfully pathetic because he has been distancing himself from me and I felt as if he was ignoring me. Nadia called him and texted him telling him things that I didn’t want him to know but hey, secret’s out already and there’s nothing I can do about it. So anyway, he confronted me, and I told him that I felt like he was ignoring me and his reason was because he was tired. Pssh. If you were that tired, why were you as your usual self with everyone else except for me? Why did you have a nice and long chat with the juniors when you once told me you don’t mingle with juniors? I mean, if you really liked me, my presence and my smile should make you energetic. I would know because that’s what my previous admirer told me. After all, Harry did mention how he loves my gorgeous smile. Oh, then he confessed that he wanted us to be just friends and get to know each other better first because he’s terrified of moving onto another relationship because of the shit thing his ex did to him, so that kinda explains.

And today, I feel even more pathetic after sending a message to him saying how I felt pathetic because he was ignoring me, which made him call me immediately to “explain” (read between the lines: give an excuse) that he’s going to be super busy so he won’t have much time for me, which is also another “reason” why he decided to just be friends with me, methinks. After the call I just felt even more pathetic. I understand that he has other commitments and all, I do too, but he just doesn’t seem to get what I’m trying to get at here. I’m trying to show him that I want us to be like before, you know, affectionate and all, but he’s just treating me like how he would treat a complete stranger. Me no likey. So then he sent me a text, which I replied to but he didn’t reply back and this makes me feel even more pathetic. I’m so fucking pathetic. I need start taking control of my own life. I need to remind myself that I don’t need a guy, I need myself, my friends and my family. Relationships can wait.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that ever since Thursday I stopped wearing the bracelet he gave me. I did it to show that I didn’t need him, but in all actuality the past few days were when I needed him most. But he pretended like he didn’t care. He mentioned about it though, but he seemed like he didn’t give a damn about whether I wore it or not. So I made a vow to myself saying I’ll never wear it until he gives in and just fucking tell me he loves me, but then I kinda broke my own vow because I started wearing it again today due to this pathetic and lonely feeling. New vow: Never wear it in public(mostly in college). I’m trying to recover my old self again. I’m healing myself from this inevitable heartbreak and I’m building a stronger wall around myself, which I shall not let down anymore until he lets his wall down first.

Alrighty then, I think that’s enough ranting. For now.

Till I feel even more pathetic,


Song choice for pathetic people like me:

1. Keunggulan Cinta by Bumiputera Rockers (Harry lip-synced this song for MKM)

2. Untukmu by Feminin (I lip-synced this song for MKM. LOL.)

3. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

4. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

5. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

6. POV by McFly

7. Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold

8. Circles by Mariah Carey

9. Breakeven by The Script

10. Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

11. Dangerously in Love by Beyonce

12. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

13. The Boy Is Mine by Monica and Brandy

14. Lies by Marketa Irglova and that dude in the movie Once

15. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

16. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

17. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

And I think that’s about it for now.

PS: The * represents pseudonyms of a real person’s name, which is clearly different in every post. LOL.

PPS: Harry just texted me, telling me not to sleep too late because I need my rest. I’mma pretend like I’ve been asleep ages ago and not reply that text. I’m a wuss, I know.


Okay, scratch that last post. Now I’m just so confused. I’ve already made up my mind but I’m still confused.

So Richard* said he wanted me back, and most people would think that’s romantic, but I don’t. He tells me that he can’t sleep, he can’t think, he’s nothing without me, and he’s literally begging me on his knees. And people tell me that that’s romantic, even Harry* says so too, but I think otherwise. I feel so constricted. I thought I still had feelings for him when I was last talking to him at Artie’s* party, but then I just realized that  those feelings were just remnants of the past. I finally let my wall down and found out all on my own that those feelings that I used to have for Richard are no longer there. I’ve moved on while he still held on. I didn’t want to wait for him even though he waited for me, and would wait forever for me. But I’m sorry that I just don’t feel the same way anymore. I’m moving on.

On the other hand, Harry is just being such a nice guy and a douche at the same time for just letting me go and being “understanding” about all this. I mean, I understand that out of the two Richard deserves a chance with me more because he’s been in love with me for 3 years, and Harry has only known me for more than 3 weeks. I’ll stand for that. But Harry saying that he’s going to just be friends with me and not wanting to put up a fight, sigh, obviously he doesn’t love me as much. Okay okay it’s only fair to say that Richard deserves me more because he’s loved me longer, but I don’t want to stick to my past since I’ve already moved on. So the only solution is to just say no to the both of them. I’ll stay friends with Harry, and if ever we wish to take another step ahead then I’m going all out for it. I think I’ve fallen for him more than I know, and I think I love him more than he probably does. Oh God. I sound so pathetic and desperate. But honestly, this is how I feel. I’ve never cried for a guy before, not even Richard. And yet I cried for Harry.

I swear if either of them were to read this then I shall just go and fucking kill myself now. LOL. And my Tumblr is soooo emoooo. 😥

Anywhooo, I’m currently in Principles of Advertising class, definitely not listening to a word of the lecture. I can’t do my radio podcast project now because she’ll behead me for doing other work in her class. Well, maybe not because she’s not that strict anyway. So since I’m sort of free and Facebook is being a bitch by not opening for me, I decided now’s the time for me to blog about this whole ordeal I’m facing at the moment. I’m physically exhausted due to MKM practices, mentally exhausted due to the projects I have to do, and emotionally drained due to this whole drama between Richard, Harry and I.

Anyway, gotta go now. Till next time!

*Pseudonyms that I keep changing for every post. I think.


Okay, I totally hate myself for writing and reading books less and less. Instead, I have been reading fanfics from LiveJournal, mostly badly written with broken English and somehow that’s affecting me as well. I’ve been neglecting my education (not like I’ve never neglected it in the first place) by poisoning my brain (that’s what my mum calls it) with kpop stuff. SHINee! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in LOVE with ONEW THE DUBU LEADER! Lee Jin Ki, you officially stole my heart and swept me off my feet!

I’mma end my post now ’cause I have nothing left to say except SHINee HWAITING and I LOVE LEE JIN KI WITH ALL MY HEART! 😉


I find anti-fans are a bit too overboard with this. I’d try to explain right here and then but it’s not like my ministrations would make a difference. But, if I wanted to, I’d probably write this:

Appointed to the netizens and anti’s: Have you  no shame? Couldn’t you have considered his feelings? He was a teenager back then and he was having a real hard time when he first came. The culture was different, the food was different, the language was unfamiliar, he didn’t have any friends and his family was all the way in the States which he only gets to visit ONCE A YEAR, mind you. Don’t even try to compare his situation to Nichkhun’s because his family was in Thailand and he could visit almost anytime he was free. Jae was stressed from the intense training and from trying to get used to the food and culture there which he knew nothing of. He was only 18 at that time and any teenager in their right mind would have to complain at some point. And there’s nothing wrong with complaining to your best friend when you need him/her. Jae Beom was having a hard time and his best friend was there to console him. Training is not a vacation. I’m no scientist but I’d say that training hard to be a highly respected star is 5 times harder than studying for your SATs. It’s not easy to be a celebrity. Netizens make it seem as if once you have it all you can just kick back and relax. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these celebrities work hard before they get there and they still continue working hard to stay there. Jae Beom was definitely one who worked hard then and now. Slowly, he adapted to his surroundings and his tongue became more familiar with the language. He also started making new friends. He’s completely changed now and he even exclaimed that he is proud to be a Korean. Doesn’t that satisfy you enough? He even apologized for more than a million times for his immature behaviour. He’s a grown man now. He is no longer an ignorant, typical teenager. He’s turned over a new leaf. He is a magnificent leader of 2PM and 2PM just wouldn’t be the same without him. 2PM just started receiving massive acknowledgment not only in Korea but from around the world as well. Their popularity peaked all the way to the top this year. This is only because they are talented young men and they put on a real image.  ‘2PM is not seven, but one’ they exclaimed. Their fans, namely the Hottests, are all very dissatisfied with this sort of behaviour of the netizens and anti-fans. Even those who aren’t fans find that this treatment is unfair. Really, this is just heart-breaking. I think I’ve said enough.

If this doesn’t get through, then maybe this will:

Korean netizens and anti-fans are the most hated people in the world. They don’t let go. NOBODY LIKES NETIZENS! Just think about it, 2PM climbed over the top and now with Jae gone, their popularity will be jeopardized. I’ve only got one thing left to say and I hope that this doesn’t offend South Koreans generally. You netizens are South Koreans right? Prove to the world that you aren’t North Koreans because you netizens surely act like them. North Korea is a communist country. Netizens are merciless and thoughtless. See the similarity? Please think before you act. “We Americans don’t think, we DO.” quoted from the movie, Night at the Museum. Korean netizens, are you Americans too?

That’s all I have to say.

To Jae Beom, stay healthy. Spend time with your family and old friends. We, the Hottests, fans, JYPE,  friends, family and 2PM, all love you very much and don’t you ever let that slip off your mind. We’ll be waiting. Park Jae Beom HWAITING! SARANGHAE!<3


So, recently I’m working on some fanfics. Okay, to be honest, I’m only working on one and I still haven’t finished it and it’s only a one-shot(meaning it’s a short fanfic). That’s ’cause I’ve been busy catching up on my boys on youtube and I stumbled upon this interesting episode of Star King. Star King is this famous show in Korea where people appear to showcase their talent and people all over the world have been watching and participating in Star King. This particular episode I stumbled upon is episode 120 and I particularly like this part:

OMG. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! OMG. NICHKHUN and HANGENG! Can’t get enough of them yummy asses. xp WOOYOUNG! Sooo CUTE! LOL.

Can’t stop watching this. LOL. I couldn’t find the cut one so you’ll have to watch a bit of the next participant mmpfft.

I’m off to continue my EunHae! ♥

Till then. 🙂


Okay, so I don’t really know how to use wordpress just yet. When I get the hang of this and LJ I’ll post lots of stuff. If I actually get around to writing it that is. So, here it is. My first WP post. Stay tuned for more! I’ll be posting random outbursts of mine and fanfics(to be more specefic, Super Junior fanfics). 🙂


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